Flow cytometry Saint-Antoine

Core facility for flow cytometry is dedicated to research projects requiring of the sorting and / or the analyses of cellular populations and subcellular fractions: animal or vegetable cells, microorganisms of varied origin. The facility also proposes the real time cellular analysis without exogenous marking by the xCELLigence technique. The facility is opened to the whole public or private scientific community.

The facility of flow cytometry of Saint-Antoine exists since the 80s. He joined the UMS 30 LUMIC during his creation in 2014 and is a member of the network LUMIC of plateform of imaging and cytometry of the UPMC

The facility puts its expertise in the service of the users in varied domains (analysis of the cellular cycle and the apoptose, the sorting of rare cells, sorting multiparamétrique). Our missions are to adapt the methodological developments of the facility of flow cytométriy in connection with the projects of the users, to propose activities of transfer of knowledge of the domain with the scientists, the students and the staffs in course of continuous training. We maintain a technology watch associated on the way up in skill of the flow cytometry.