Imaging Cytometry St. Antoine

The word of the Director

UMS's mission is to evaluate and implement the most appropriate techniques to answer scientific questions and find solutions; maintenance and support on equipment; technology watch.

The imaging platform of St. Anthony was created in January 2012. It aims to help researchers who need video microscopy, transmission microscopy, confocal microscopy, fast confocal through analysis and image processing. Located on the 6th floor of the Faculty of Medicine St Antoine, the platform is open to all public and private scientific community.

Flow cytometry facility is dedicated to Research projects requiring sorting and / or analysis of cell populations and subcellular fractions: animal or plant cells, of various origins microorganisms. The facility also provides cell analysis in real time without exogenous marking the xCELLigence technique. The facility is open to all public or private scientific community.

The two facilities of St. Anthony joined the UMS 30 LUMICwhen created in 2014 and are part of the Network LUMIC imaging platforms and cytometry UPMC.